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A word of welcome

My name is Maria Papagianni and I’m a Graphic Designer based in Athens, Greece. I started my studio, asteroid, with the aim of providing a complete Graphic Design Service. I specialise in Logo Design, Brand Identity and Promotional Design. My goal is to visual communicate your values, your message to your audience and make your Brand really meaningful. Print or Digital, your content matters. I have more than 15 years of experience working on studios, agencies and working as a freelance. I love working with people, specially if they have the same passion I have for what they do.

Why Choose asteroid?

  • You work with me personally, which means I can develop a feel for your business, which assists me in creating effective designs, whether I am creating a logo or an entire brand for you.
  • I can offer the same high level of graphic design experience as an agency, but at much better value for money.
  • I will always give your project the same attention as if it were my own.

What a professional logo design does for your profits?

  • Investing in a a custom logo puts you on a level playing field with your already existing competitors, and it lets you show the world why your company is the one to choose.
  • You create unity across all your advertising, marketing and branding efforts.
  • You establish a visual brand that lasts for generations.

Asteroid specialities

  • Logo Design - Brand Identity
  • Brand Development
  • Promotional Design:
    • Print design - illustration,
    • Print Ads,
    • Posters,
    • Packaging Design,
    • Signage and Exhibition Design,
    • Business Advertising,
    • Vehicle Livery Design,
    • Promotional Gift Design,
    • Corporate Gifts,
    • Uniform Design & Clothing.



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We are based in Athens, Greece but we serve the whole world!